Classic Games

Group Interaction


Dictator Game(2 participants)
A allocates 100 units between A and B

One-shot Public Goods Game(4 participants)
Participants start with 100 units each. They can contribute 0-100 units to a public account. The contributions are summed and multiplied by 2, then the result is divided equally among the four participants

Send Message (choice)(2 participants)
A and B choose among five potential messages (simultaneously). The chosen message is sent to their partner

Dictator Game
3 conditions (3 stake sizes)
(2 participants)
Same as the standard dictator game, but with three different stake sizes: 10, 100, or 1000 units. Participants are randomly assigned to one of the three conditions

One-shot Public Goods Game
with Punishment
(4 participants)
Same as the one-shot public goods game, but participants can punish each other after the contribution stage

Send Message (open)(2 participants)
A and B write an open-ended message to their partner (simultaneously)

Trust Game(2 participants)
A transfers 0-100 units to B. The transferred amount is multiplied by 2.5, then B transfers back an amount between 0 and 2.5 x A's transfer

Repeated Public Goods Game(4 participants)
Participants play 6 rounds of the Public Goods Game

Single-Stage Chat(2 participants)
Chat between A and B (no time limit)

Ultimatum Game(2 participants)
A proposes an allocation of 100 units between A and B. B can either accept this allocation or reject it. If the allocation is rejected, both A and B receive 0 units

Effort Competition(3 participants)
A, B, and C compete for a reward of 100 units. The winner is the participant who clicks the most within 30 seconds

Single-Stage Chat
with Waiting Room
(2 participants)
Chat between A and B, with waiting room before chat. The waiting room ensures that participants enter the chat room at the same time.

One-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma(2 participants)
Participants choose an action simultaneously: cooperate or defect. If they both cooperate, they get 4 units each. If they both defect, they get 2 units each. If one of them cooperates while the other defects, the cooperator gets 0, while the defector gets 5

Effort Competition
with Waiting Room
(3 participants)
Same as the ''Effort Competition'' but participants enter a waiting room before starting the effort task to guarantee that they start at the same time

Group Discussion / Persuasion(4 participants)
Participants indicate their views on a topic, then engage in a group discussion for 5 minutes. Finally, they indicate their updated views.

Third-Party Punishment(3 participants)
A allocates 100 units between A and B. C receives 50 units. C observes A's allocation between A and B, and then has the option to reduce A's payoff

Vickrey Auction(4 participants)
Participants bid for a prize. The highest bidder wins the prize, but the price paid is the second-highest bid

Multimedia “sender”(2 participants)
A chooses a video out of four videos and sends it to B

p-Beauty Contest(4 participants)
Participants make private guesses between 0 and 100. The winning number is the average of guesses multiplied by 0.65. The participant whose guess is the closest to the winning number gets a reward of 100 units

Multi-Stage Group Chat(4 participants)
Group chat between A, B, C, and D for 2 minutes, then private chat between A-B and C-D for another 2 minutes

Repeated p-Beauty Contest(4 participants)
Same as the p-Beauty Contest, but repeated 4 times. The number of rounds can be customized.

Created by: Silvio Ravaioli