Data Policy

Any data collected and processed while using the default SMARTRIQS server is stored on a secure, SSL-encrypted virtual server, hosted at Amazon Web Services. Only the developer of SMARTRIQS has access to this server. Since all data is saved in Qualtrics, data on the default SMARTRIQS server is stored only temporarily and is deleted on a regular basis.
The following data are transmitted to and stored temporarily on the server:

  • Study-specific parameters: researcher ID, study ID, group size, number of stages, roles, conditions, waiting time parameters.
  • Participant-specific parameters (randomly assigned): treatment, role, participant ID (by default, this is the same as the survey ID in Qualtrics).
  • Participant data and responses. Note: not all data recorded in Qualtrics are stored on the SMARTRIQS server, only those which are submitted via the SEND and CHAT blocks.
  • Time stamps (e.g., last activity of participant).


Data Submission Policy Agreement (DSPA)

Researchers who are using the default SMARTRIQS server ( and its subdomains) agree that they DO NOT SUBMIT any of the following personal identifiers of participants to the default SMARTRIQS server via the SEND and CHAT blocks:

  1. Name;
  2. Birth date (except year);
  3. Physical address and any geographic information (except for country/state), including street address, city, county, precinct, zip code, and their equivalent geocodes;
  4. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses;
  5. Phone/fax numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, personal websites;
  6. Identifying numbers: Social Security numbers, Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, Device identifiers and serial numbers, Medical record numbers, Health plan beneficiary numbers, Account numbers;
  7. Any other unique identifying number, characteristic, or code that can identify the participant.

Note: the restriction above applies only to submitting such information to the default SMARTRIQS server. Researchers are allowed to collect personal identifiers in Qualtrics without submitting them to the default SMARTRIQS server via the SEND or CHAT blocks, assuming that they have obtained IRB approval. If researchers deploy SMARTRIQS to their own server, they are allowed to transmit and store personal information on their server, assuming that they have obtained IRB approval.